Friday, October 12


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything to the blog. Part of the reason is because my new Apple computer is a piece of garbage. It is the worst Apple product I’ve had since my first, many years ago. That was the first of Apple’s Power PC products, using the Motorola Power PC chip. It had an astonishing 120 megabytes of memory. It was a big beige-colored metal box. I took it down to the local Apple fixit shop so many times I couldn’t count. Its memory was replaced. Its hard drive was replaced. Its disk drive was replaced. Its power supply was replaced. Its motherboard was replaced. I finally ended up with the realization that the only thing on it that was original was the paint.

My until-recent computer, the iMac, started getting goofy after a few years of use. It had stripes of bright and dark in the display. It forgot things, and kept losing passwords to commonly accessed things like mail. I took it to the Apple Genius bar for diagnosis. They replaced the power supply for free. It still stunk. So I bought Apple’s Thunderbolt display which has a gorgeous 27” screen. I tried using it with my Apple Macbook Air, the really thin portable. I wasn’t satisfied with its operation, so I bought a Mac Mini which has the Thunderbolt capability. My Mini is mini in many ways, like in speed. It is achingly slow. It acts like it has no memory at all, using the hard drive all the time. Even though it comes with two gigabytes of memory it’s like the memory is not used at all. It also came with Apple’s Lion operating system, which I think is for dummies.

I have been an Apple supporter and fanboy for at least ten years. But my experience with their recent junk has turned me off entirely. When its stock goes over the $700 mark again, I am going to dump my shares.

I have pictures of our new house and its progress that I can’t use in my blog because getting them into Photoshop for processing is an arduous process. For some obscure reason using the new computer I can’t connect to the blog site. So I have to copy everything to a thumb drive and use my old computer to post a blog. It is difficult to write nice things after spending hours fighting the system. Shame on you, Apple. You have failed me.