Friday, December 28

Baby steps

The first thing you do when you have a brand new blog is put something on the page. Then you follow up with more if you happen to think of more. I certainly hope to have more as time goes on. Let's start off with some of the important people I know. This isn't name-dropping or bragging in any way, but it may put you in a mind to pay attention to what I have to say later. Here's the first important person whom I know (well not actually know, but know about through someone I actually do know—I guess that counts).

Not to brag, but I know a guy who knows the guy who invented the clip on the plug that snaps it to the power cord (see photo). His name is Gary. Not the guy, but the guy who knows the guy. I've forgotten the other guy's name and am not exactly sure if I ever actually knew it in the first place.

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