Thursday, December 15

We miss the Bentley

We had the chance to get some much-needed rain, but unfortunately the Bentley was in the shop getting the fly-potty stain removed from the leather-wrapped steering wheel. (Whoever let that fly in the car had better be on guard—I am ANGRY!)

Our usual “put the Bentley outside with the top down” method of getting it to rain wasn’t available and as a result the storm passed over us with nary a drop. The forecast for the next week is dry. The horses are eating acorns instead of grass. We might have to break the lock on the barn and start tossing out very expensive hay.

Can we borrow some of our readers’ Bentleys? Please?


Daffy said...

there's a GREAT bentley up at the upper ranch; green; 1953 dodge "bentley"; convertible too !!

HHhorses said...

Don't forget the two Mercedes that are getting snowed on right now! Hope we remembered to put the top (tarp) on.

Tom Hurley said...

Daffy: The 1953 at the high ranch is "bent" not "Bentley."

HHhorses: Oh yeah, and the Porsche is right out here near the wood shed. I can take its top off if the latches still work.