Thursday, August 9

It’s been awhile…

Nothing could be more boring than the construction of a garage. It’s a box; ten-foot-high walls, gable roof, big door for cars, medium-size door for people, two slider windows on the sides. Flat slab of concrete with grooves to drain any water tracked in by the car/truck/van/whatever.


So I spared the pictures. Tomorrow was going to feature the plumbing inspection, which would have been really exciting. I had seen that the plumber put a connection on the drain pipes and vent pipes that could be hooked to a hose to fill the entire mess clear to the roof. Then the inspection for leaks would prove that the system was intact from the septic tank clear to the skies above. Problem is, the inspection was today, and I didn’t go down to watch. Bummer. I could have used some excitement.

The plumbing inspection would also include the fire sprinkler system throughout the house, and all the hookups to the shower, toilets, laundry, ice makers, and so on. And hose bibbs—don’t forget them! Wow, this could have been as exciting as a mega-blockbuster 3-D IMAX movie and I missed the whole thing. I MUST keep better notes of the activities around here.

[An aside: There is a really big housefly crawling on one of my typing hands as I speak. He/She is of a variety of flies that has no fear of humans. I have seriously considered making these guys pets, but they die in a few weeks so my affection would be short lived.]

This is a Photoshop JPEG of a screen shot taken with a three-generations-old cell phone. Will miracles never cease?

Speaking of pets, we have a baby goldfish! Only one, so the others must have been eaten. My nephew Pete told me of goldfish in his experience having babies. I am tempted to remove this little inch-long fish from the main tank where there are ten big adults, but I don’t know how to determine if the little guy/gal is weaned yet. Try as I may, I can’t identify its mother by any mammary enlargement. Maybe I was not cut out to be a botanist. I mean ichthyologist. Whatever.


Pat said...

I enlarged your portrait of the housefly. It showed quite a lot of detail. Interesting. At least it held still for a good look.

Old cell phones never die.

Pat said...
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Pat said...

What's the matter with the comment page? It told me that I hadn't read the magic word right, so I redid it with the new password. I notice in one of your other blogs someone had two identical comments, too.

And I have completely lost a couple others and just gave up. Wonder what will happen to this----

Daffy said...

good to see you back online; life isn't quite complete without slowly rotting it expensive to have DNA tests on goldfish?

Tom Hurley said...

The comment page can be goofy. It's a Google thing.
As for the cost of a DNA test on goldfish, I haven't heard that it has changed much recently.

HHhorses said...

I saw Batman in IMAX, which was pretty exciting. But it doesn't really compare to garage construction.