Wednesday, September 5

There’s a reason for the silence

I haven’t been pouring on the coals in the blogosphere recently. Sure, we’re building a house, but how much can I show about the plumbing, or the air conditioning pipes threading through the ceiling? After all, most houses have all that stuff, and once they’re inhabited, those things are invisible. The showy, cool, really neat visible stuff is not happening now.

We have a set of plans at the county planning department for a back patio and the front approach to the entry. The county guys are thinking about how they can challenge the plans to thwart our intentions, I’m sure. I mean after all, when you’re a faceless government bureaucrat with ultimate power over a mere citizen’s wishes, you have to wrack your feeble brain in order to get your way and slow progress and inflict pain; it gives meaning to your otherwise unpardonable existence. But if the plan you’re judging is exquisite and has elegance written all over it, it takes longer to do the pain thing. So you just stop the process and shove it aside.

So that’s where we are now. The county can use its age-old excuse about suffering from budget cuts and reduced staff, but it really comes down to just plain reluctance to allow mere citizens to get their way without a fight. Once the project gets going again, I’ll have some stuff to show you.

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