Saturday, February 2

Walls get packed

The insulation people came and in less than six hours had all the exterior walls, the floor and the ceilings throughout the house packed full of insulation. The ceilings got the thickest fiberglass, which measures nearly a foot thick. The exterior walls got the next thickest, along with the underside of the floors. The entire house is a soft cocoon now, and when you walk through the silence is deafening.

"I'll be making music in a room where the walls are packed with candy!"

Some of the interior walls also got insulated for soundproofing. Karla is shown in the piano room, which got the most insulation of all since grand pianos are really loud. That room also got some sound-deadening board between it and the rest of the house’s interior. Here she stands by one wall where, when the crew ran out of the gray-brown material on the left, cleverly substituted pink cotton candy.

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