Wednesday, March 27

Starting to look like a house…

Yesterday Kevin and his crew slapped “mud” on the house and it started to look really solid, not like a bunch of tar paper, expanded metal and chicken wire. Eight guys can move a lot of material and in this, their first day, they covered a lot of territory. But we got only one day’s work from them since they had to head off to San Francisco to finish another job. They’ll return next Tuesday and may wrap up the first of three coats by week’s end. Then we’ll wait several weeks to let it cure before adding more.

Karla is pleased to see so much stucco get slapped onto the house
At the west end of the house their scaffolding is four levels high. I asked him if they get nervous when they’re that far off the ground. “We did a job right smack up against a freeway in Hollywood that was eight levels,” he told me. “So this is no big deal.”

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