Tuesday, September 22

Feed the Horses?

It seems to get harder to put up a blog post as time goes on. There are no great things happening, and the smaller things are without merit of being immortalized by grand prose.

That said, I decided to write about something I’ve been thinking about for awhile. Meaninglessness describes it perfectly, and maybe that is what warrants my taking the time to espouse.

A week or so ago I used our manure fork to scoop up some of the horses’ contributions to our wild acres. I filled the wheelbarrow and rolled it up the hill near the house with plans to convert its contents to something more useful, like compost. It still sits where I parked it and I walk past it several times a day. Plagued with a mind that never shuts off, I think and think about it and finally came up with something blogworthy. Over time I've polished those thoughts to perfection.

That pile of dung all pushed together in a tight mass makes me think of the phrase, “Hoard the Feces.” Putting those syllables together in a different way, I come up with “Heed the Forces.” And strangely enough both Karla and I use both of those phrases when we get ready to “Feed the Horses.” As a matter of fact, the latter of those two phrases is almost never used; Hoard the Feces is our favorite utterance.

It certainly shows the profound respect we have for that daily task.


Pete S. said...

So far the subject matter has been far greater than "smaller things" "without merit." I, for one, would eagerly read much "smaller things" from you.

I just hope your posts never become as infrequent as those of your kin, Latigo Flint (at http://anewwordforfast.blogspot.com/). His posts stopped completely back in 2006. But yesterday, on a whim, I checked his blog and was delighted to see that he posted an epilogue to his epic blog in 2011, followed by an out-of-character post in 2013. I hope slowlyrotting never tapers off to that extent!

Pete S. said...

Is that a blue agave in the picture (upper right corner)? Are there plans to make tequila?

Tom Hurley said...

To the blue agave inquiry, yes. To the tequila inquiry, no. Besides, that's just a baby plant, and compared to the humongous ones where we dug it up, it wouldn't make more than a thimbleful of tequila.

As for Latigo Flint, he got into making educational movies to the extent that he really can't spend (waste?) time doing a blog. By the way, there's a mystery to be discovered concerning the post times of all his blogs. He told me many moons ago, but I've forgotten what it is. Something mathematical as I recall.

Pete S. said...

By reading the comments on Latigo's blog I learned the secret pattern in blog posting times: the minutes value of the posting time is always divisible by 6, e.g. 1:24 pm or 12:54 am. The two exceptions are the "recent" 2011 and 2013 posts.

Tom Hurley said...

Pete S. — divisible by six is one thing, but I seem to remember that there is more to it. Something deep and mysterious. Or maybe I'm just forgetting that it was simple. Or maybe divisible by six has some meaning in itself. Why six? Why not four? Or eight?

Pete S. said...

It sounds like one of those intelligence tests that I hate: look at a bunch of numbers and figure out the hidden pattern. I'm afraid I won't be the one to discover the secret, but I'd like to hear if someone else figures it out.

Pete S. said...

Here's a possibility: Being a master of the 6-gun, Latigo likely has a special place in his heart for the number 6.