Thursday, October 22

In order to create…

sometimes you must destroy. In the case of our front entry step, the contractor made a slight mistake by making the front edge slope upward slightly. I noticed this when I washed the entry off with a hose and the water, instead of running off completely, puddled by the front edge. I was not going to lay tile on this kind of surface, so I am using a hammer and chisel to correct the situation. 

The correction also involved removing the metal edge on the front. I did that easily with a grinder, peeling the metal off easily. But now the remaining metal doesn’t have the bend to give it strength, so I have to use a bunch of flat-headed screws to hold it down.

I will be screwing on a fascia board, and topping the board with a rubber stair-edge protector. This is one of those projects that starts out with a simple premise: Let’s put tile on the entry. Yeah, right.

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