Monday, October 4

The evidence…

Normally only the yellow apricot leaves fall to the ground.
These were assisted by hail.

We lost a few hundred olives

but a few thousand held on to the trees.

Finally, the wind was powerful enough to tip over an entire cheap plastic lawn chair!

It was a pretty violent storm for placid, serene central California.

“Overnight rainfall was reported in the Valley, with Fresno receiving 0.06 of an inch, Merced 0.10, Madera 0.22 and Visalia 0.07. In the Sierra, Yosemite Valley reported 0.41 of an inch, Mariposa Grove 0.98, Oakhurst 0.66 and Shaver Lake 0.82.” —The Fresno Bee, October 4, 2010

Here in our little valley we got 1.55” (40 mm) of precipitation. Lots of trees got trimmed by the hail, and Chocolate Creek (so named for its color when a fake gold mine above our land used to flood) was roaring for a while. We still have electricity since we make our own. But we hear only a hum on the phone line. More thunderstorms are predicted for today.

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Pat said...

Our storm here in Fullerton must have been the baby, so to speak, of your monster. We had a very intense series of lightning strikes, even rating a picture in the LA Times of some of the scorched palm trees here in town. The thunder cracked, seemingly right overhead. I was ready to head for the basement which, of course, is non-existent around here. Reminded me of Illinois. Except they had tornadoes, too, with their pyrotechnics.