Saturday, October 30

False spring?

Today the rain ended after leaving an overnight abundance of almost four tenths of an inch, 10 millimeters, of nice cool soft ground-soaking rain. We are probably at five or so inches this season which is way past normal; rain usually gets serious a month or more later.

The weather has been warm, too. It seems to be fooling some of the plants, the introduced plants that is. The natives are doing their usual thing, dropping leaves and hunkering down for the cold that will soon be upon us. But the grapes (Thompson Seedless) and orange tree (Seville) have been fooled into thinking it’s springtime and are producing new leaves.

Even the agaves seem to be sharpening their teeth, doing their impression of crocodile jaws.

Tonight’s sunset celebrated the end of the storm with a gorgeous sky of crimson, orange and blue that silhouetted the soon-leafless oak trees. Time to get the rest of our firewood split and in the shed. We have several dead trees that were felled by Luke this summer, cut to length by Loren this fall, and split by Karla and Audrey a week ago.

The cycle continues.


Agneta and David said...

beautiful pics! Sounds like you are ready to "snuggle in" for winter. A

Susan said...

That picture of the sunset is glorious. I hope the false summer doesn't sap the plants of too much energy to sprout again when it is time for spring.

pat said...

Down here in southern Calif. we had the same sunset. The only difference was the cloud formation. And the fact that we have power poles and cables cluttering up the view instead of picture-perfect oak trees.

Tom Hurley said...

Neta, we don’t have to hunker down for winter anything at all like you do where you are, being right across the street from Denmark. Don’t worry, Susan. California is full of sap(s). Pat, you don’t have to cut firewood, and even if you did, you probably aren’t allowed to burn it, are you?