Monday, July 4

Second batch of equines heads to ranch

Hilary headed out this morning with six horses stuffed into the big trailer. As the trailer passed by me, I could hear wheezing and grunting as the tightly-packed horses struggled for breath. Hilary told me that when they get up to highway speed, the horses will cool and shrink and be able to breathe normally.


She’ll return tonight with Emily and repeat this activity until the ranch has enough horseflesh to meet the needs of the guests for the summer. We don’t have any French chefs scheduled to cook this season, so I don’t know why they need so many horses. Maybe they’re just up there to fatten up on the rich meadow grass, for use later.


I’d better quit before I get blasted.

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Daffy said...

......ummmmm; horseburgers....mustard on mine