Tuesday, July 5

Why I bought Apple stock way back when

Here’s one more reason I love Apple. This company has its finger on the pulse of the future. It’s astonishing the number of industries and enterprises that are adopting the iPad as a fundamental part of their operations. Airlines expect to save millions of dollars annually in fuel costs alone by adopting the lightweight iPad instead of the 40-to 50-pound flight bag with its paper charts and manuals required to be on the flight decks of airliners. I don’t know why the iPad won out over the myriad of tablet computers available now, but I think it is because of Apple’s reputation of “innovation that simply works.”

Don’t be surprised if your San Francisco to Tokyo flight crashes and the cause is that the pilot was playing Angry Birds instead of monitoring the killer storm that brought the plane down. We’re all human after all. I mean even in the paper chart days, he could have been doing the New York Times crossword puzzle.

A friend of ours who is a retired Delta Airlines pilot said that after he gets the airplane off the ground and aimed at its target, he just punches the autopilot button till the airplane is ready to land. In the interim, his chief responsibility is to keep the toilets working.

Photo: New York Times

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