Wednesday, February 1

Bent again!

It’s a long time between uses of our road grader. Sometimes a whole year. It has idiosyncrasies that must be accommodated, such as coming to a jarring halt when I run into a big rock. That’s pretty obvious, so I am prepared for it. But one that I almost always forget after a couple of months is that I can’t direct the angle of the mold board (the big central blade) all the way forward on the left side if I expect to hit something that won’t move. Like a tree. I’ve already written about this incident, but didn’t show a picture of the damage.

With the use of a few pieces of 2x4s and the grader’s other hydraulic movements, I straightened it out in about half an hour. There’s only a teensy bit of a bend left in it, so it won’t retract fully. But, as a friend used to say, “It’s functionable.”


Daffy said...

looks like a Dali painting; just need a dripping clock!'d think it would be hardened steel! Not the milk chocolate variety !

Agneta and David said...

Wow! The picture is very descriptive. Wonder how many more lives, bends that ram has?

Tom Hurley said...

I need to replace it with another, bigger one. The problem is finding the space for a bigger one since it’s located in a tight space to start with.