Monday, February 27

I tried, honest I did

Karla and I visited Death Valley a couple of weeks ago and returned home the day after Valentine's. But in trying to compose a blog about it, I wasted over five hours using Google's weird new Blogger software to no avail. Unlike its previous software, the new improved version limits what you can do regarding placing pictures where you want them to be. It was looking like my only choice would be to break the single multi-picture blog into several parts, which simply wouldn't work as I wanted. It would be like breaking a novel into several books instead of one.

I usually compose a blog entry in a word processing program, then copy and paste it into the Blogger software. If there's only one picture, and it's above the story, I can load the picture after the words since by default it appears on the top of the story. If there are two pictures, I have to start getting tricky, especially if one of them should be in the middle of the story. If I place the cursor where I want the picture to be, sometimes the picture can be made to appear there. But sometimes not. Sometimes I can drag the picture where I want it, but often that doesn't work. Sometimes if I try to select one picture to move, two pictures get selected instead. I won't bore you with more details, but it's always a crap shoot to get what I'm after and takes a lot of fussing around.

It reminds me of the old days when we had a Windows computer and tried desperately to put together the monthly newspaper for Hilary's school using Windows 3.1. We used a program called Microsoft Publisher. It was maddening. We would compose a single page the way we wanted it, and when we tried to print it, that one page would be scattered to bits, it would come out of the printer as sometimes ten pages with enormous spaces between each line of type, the pictures distorted to smithereens. I am sure it cost us lots of sanity.

Blogger software must have been written for Windows, then ported to Macintosh. Because it sure reminds me of Microsoft Publisher all over again.

A period of many days went by before I finally figured out how to make a multi - picture - with - words - between - them - layout work. It came to me in a dream (nightmare?). It goes like this: put in some text, like xx. Then hit the return key and upload the first picture. Then hit the return key and put in another xx. Hit return, put in picture, and repeat till all the pictures are in place. Then go back and paste in your text one paragraph at a time between the pictures. Erase the xx's. Done. It worked, and resulted in the blog called "Slow down when wet."

I am on a roll now. Expect more-frequent posts. Feel my pain. Thanks for listening. Good night.


Agneta and David said...

I had the same problem. I wanted some pictures centered and some to the right or to the left of text. That never worked for me. So what I do now is upload all the pictures centered with two spaces in between them in the sequence that I want them. Then I or Neta writes between them. It can be very frustrating to try to get the layout you want. So, I just basically did what you did.

Tom Hurley said...

Thank you David! I was beginning to feel that I was being cursed because I used a computer that Google hates.