Friday, January 25

Garage rolldown door installed

Putting it together section by section
On Wednesday the two guys we hired through Costco drove down from Modesto to install our garage door. They made pretty quick work of it, having done this many times. When they were finished, we marveled at the new technology. Imagine!—at the press of a button the door opens. Press again and it closes. What will they think of next?!
The unique thing about this door is that it goes down, not up. Sure saves attic space!


Pete S. said...

Nice looking door!

I read that they're working on a new garage door that rolls into the lower left corner so it doesn't take up any basement space either.

Tom Hurley said...

I can't wait for the vapor door. It simply evaporates, then re-materializes when it's "closed." I want to see what it does to a cat that walks through in its re-materializing state.