Friday, January 25

Notes on a birthday

Today I got a bunch of Happy Birthday notes from my Facebook friends. What are those notices called? On Twitter, they’re called Tweets. On Facebook, are they Facies? Feces? I get a lot of those.
Many happy returns of the day? But it's foggy!
One of the writers wished me many happy returns of the day. I went outside to take a look at the day; it was foggy. It’s been foggy all day. Is this an allusion to my advancing-age mind? I don’t remember as much as I used to, but then I don’t think as much either. I’m still able to get through a day without messing up (I thought I made a mistake once, but I was wrong).
Fresh! Yummy!
Anyhow, to cheer up after getting an intimation of approaching senescence I looked around and came upon our two half-barrels that once held strawberry plants. They’re now brimming with miners lettuce, a tasty wild plant. The leaves were dewy from the fog.
They bring back memories. Better than eating the leaves from a…um-m-m…I forget.
 Eating them brought back memories of having eaten miners lettuce, so it’s cathartic I guess.


Pete S. said...

What a great picture of a raven in the fog!

Daffy said...

glad to see you back behind the typewriter! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! drink some tailgate or chicken wine for me

tangotommy said...

Pete S: The ravens around here are skittish. When they hear a camera shutter, they fly away immediately. I got the shot from the hip, literally.

Daffy: I am lifting a glass of Fresno State Tailgate Red as I write this. How's life on the yacht with the family treating you?

Susan said...

Just in case you have heard about the Queensland floods, we are all OK. The waters are still rising but all of us live on safe ground. Unless there's a tsunami :)

Tom Hurley said...

Susan: What about the tornadoes?

Susan said...

Oh we had those too but not in our street :)

Daffy said...

tonight is gusts up to 50 MPH; with extreme gales at 34 MPH; if our moorings don't say bye bye this time; we're good for arma-flippin-geddon.