Monday, March 14

I'm still here....

I just got a comment from longtime reader, avis, telling me that I am missed. My first reaction to being missed is "It's better than being HIT!" So much for corny humor.

My naturopath doctor, who only deals in natural remedies, has helped me get rid of the mini-seizures that plagued me on a daily basis for at least a couple of years—sometimes twice-daily. That malady was more of a nuisance than a scary threat, but still....

The new house is still consuming almost all my waking hours, and recently I have been making and putting in window frames. We spent a ton of bucks on the windows themselves since they're made with real wood, not composite or some other painted atrocity. So their frames are being made with Douglas Fir, a beautiful clear lumber that we get to pick out piece by piece at White Pine Lumber in Fresno, one of those old businesses that operates as they used to in the long-ago days of personal service and excellent products. It is such a pleasure to deal with them.

Today Karla is in Fresno buying the ingredients for a batch of potato salad. Batch is hardly the word. It's for over 200 people. A friend of the ranch is getting married, and she's putting on a really big show. There are musical productions and more. Guests are invited to stay overnight, so Karla was wondering if she should make enough salad for two days. So far my only part of this affair is to plug in our other refrigerator to store the finished salad.

The ranch is buying another vehicle. It's a diesel-powered  Mercedez-Benz Sprinter van that seats five and has the whole back end sealed off, insulated, and refrigerated. It can be plugged in the day before we gather all the foodstuffs so it'll be much easier to stay legal than our previous methods  of keeping things cool on their way to the ranch (lots of dry ice and picnic coolers).

I must go now. I have another nineteen windows to finish framing.

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Susan said...

It's good to see you back here posting. That's good news about the naturopath helping you with ridding yourself of those seizures, too. I was wondering how you were.

Now as for framing umpteen windows, no matter how nice the wood is, that sounds like quite a task! I am sure everything will look wonderful.

Your fire place surround sounds amazing too. Maybe your phone camera would capture a nice picture of it for the blog one day.

Take care, Unc. xx