Monday, March 28


“And for tonight’s dessert, a real treat,” Karla said.
“What’s that?” I asked.
“Strawberry,” she responded.
“You mean, ‘strawberries’?” I asked.
“No, strawberry. Look.” She pushed the bowl toward me and there in the middle yet touching all the edges, was a single humongous berry.

“Where’d you get these?” I asked, incredulous.
“Where else?” Karla said, knowing I would figure out what she meant by her cryptic response. Costco.

Speaking of Costco and Humongous, we’re going to try their potatoes. They look like Russets, but they’re not. I think if I were in charge of giving them a name, I’d probably call them Melons. Truly, those potatoes are gigantic.

Wait until it’s watermelon season. Costco will probably feature melons the size of donkeys. Too bad they won’t have legs like donkeys. That’d be handy in getting them out of the store to your ca— I mean, truck.

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Daffy said...

hi Tom; I'm very slow on the uptake; didnt know you were doing blogs again... great ! howz YOU? howz your new house ? .........Randy