Tuesday, November 18

Getting around pretty well for a blind dog

Monday Karla and I fed the horses early and went to Fresno for our occasional shopping trip to buy things we can’t find locally. But the main motivator for Karla was to visit the Whole Foods Market store in Fig Garden Village to buy some Blind Dog Coffee Roasters’ fine brew. That’s as close as this brand of coffee has gotten to us, but maybe it will show up at our local Raley’s sometime in the future.

What’s so special about Blind Dog coffee? Two things: One, part of the profits go to fight childhood cancers, and two, the logo and labels are designed by First Daughter Hilary. How’d she land such a gig? Well, her parents-in-law own the joint, and like Hilary’s work. Whole Foods didn’t have the entire range of roasts, so we settled for the two (out of six or so) shown above. A new label is being designed for their Mexican roast, and looks really good so far.

The mascot, the dog with sunglasses, is Hilary’s dog Sioux. So she always has a model to work from, which is handy. Several years ago Karla and I were invited to the home of Walt Disney’s lead animator, Frank Thomas. In his den stood the original wooden puppet model for Pinocchio, which he referred to many times as he drew the character for the movie. So a live model should actually be better, don’cha think?


hhhorses said...

Blind Dog mania has hit Fresno! How exciting!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, if we're lucky we'll get a whiff of aroma (? from an empty bag) at Thanksgiving!

HHhorses...new meaning to Dog Pound and celebrety roast!

Miss y'll.

Lynne & Rusty

Susan said...

Sounds like pretty special coffee. I like coffee. I like dogs. Maybe it will come to Oz one day too.

zThere's a whole window of sculpted horses in a shop near us. But none of them have HHhorses on them. I checked.