Tuesday, September 28

“…and in this corner,…”

It’s like the preliminary routine before a prizefight. Two opponents checking each other out before the bout to come. One, named Boots, feels uneasy defending her spot in one of the windows, glaring across the void to the stairs on the opposite side of the room at her adversary, Raven.

Raven is not happy; he’s been king of the house for years now without challenge. Boots is the official High Ranch Mouser, being mostly an outdoor cat, surviving by using her wits. Raven is well fed by his human staff, with an occasional bunny for variety in his diet.

It was going to be really hot today so I decided to let Boots come inside where it’s much cooler. Later she, along with her sister Florence, will be packed off to their winter lair in Death Valley where they become indoor cats at the Furnace Creek Ranch. But for now, we may witness the battle to decide who owns this place after all. “Can’t we all just get along?” was the lament by Rodney King, the recipient of a beating by Los Angeles police that started a race war in Los Angeles several years ago. Cats don’t get along without a fight first, kind of like horses. Our herd consists of half of the horses who hate the other half of the horses, especially when it comes to who gets to eat first.

It’s a good thing that people are so compatible and get along so well with each other.

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Agneta and David said...

Here I think all the horses and there is a LOT of horses, get a long better than the people!