Friday, September 24

Coming home (again!)

One more trip down to the low country! Benjamin has been a well-traveled kid, what with a trip down to the foothill ranch after being in the high country. He just got back from Furnace Creek in Death Valley after traveling with Mom and a big load of hay. Then he will be going over Tioga Pass again to DV! It’s a good thing he has very functionable Eustachian tubes and doesn’t get plugged up in the ears with all the elevation changes. Almost two miles up, then almost 200 feet below sea level and everywhere in between.

Hilary came by today with quite an inventory of stuff: Three horses, two cats, Ben, and a golf cart that needs some repair. For her next trick, she’s going to round up a couple of mules and take them to North Lake, on the other side of the Sierra. To get there she has to drive through Yosemite; I could think of a worse way to spend some driving time. But in the meantime, she gets a whole day off to spend here at home. Time to relax!

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