Tuesday, March 8


From a nice hot spring-fed swimming pool at the Furnace Creek Ranch in Death Valley to the cold snowy slopes of the Sierra, Ben is getting a taste of the variety available in a relatively short distance here in California.

Reflecting his grandfather’s tastes (that’s me), he loved the warm water, but Hilary says he cried when placed in the snow. Way to go, Ben! You’re on the right track.


Agneta and David said...

Yea, yea, yea >>>>>>>> A

Daffy said...

LOVELY bit of snow;lovely boy! is that above Bishop? I like snow; from inside a warm room; with a large hot chocolate...with tiny marshmallows and whipped cream (bailey's optional)

HHhorses said...

Yes Daffy, it's above Bishop on the road to North Lake (a journey you've made but were entirely zonked for). Ben will agree with you that snow is best viewed from the indoors!