Wednesday, March 30

Snow! Annihilation! Sickness! Stupidity!

This morning I heard on the radio that the Sierra got over 60 feet(!) of snow this season. (For the rest of the world outside the US and Borneo, that’s over 18 meters.) It’s the second-highest snowfall in recorded history, and it’s likely that a mobile-home park for elderly people located in the San Joaquin river bottom north of Fresno will finally get annihilated. It is close to criminal that any county planning commission could approve such a stupid use of land, but, well, Fresno sets lots of records for worsts.

Just to the north of Fresno County is Madera County, where we live in our off-season. On this morning’s news I heard that it has been declared the unhealthiest county in California. I don’t know how much credibility I should give the radio station, though. One of the reporters has been saying all week that the water being released into the river from Friant Dam is flowing at the rate of “7500 cubic square feet.” The correct term is “cubic feet per second.” Nobody at the station has corrected her after three days so far. They’re probably not listening.

The rest of the country must think the core of Central California is full of the dumbest, laziest, sickest, fattest, worthless-est people in the whole state, or maybe the whole nation. Oh well, on the positive side we provide material for the jokes told by late-night television talk show hosts.

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Daffy said...

Stupidity AIN'T exclusive to Fresno County! I'm sending you a pic via your email address; taken at the local bus station in Barnstaple. Can you tell what it means?? As regards to Fresno County local civil servants... remind me to tell you about my struggle the last 2 years with North Devon District council; it's now headed for the High Court!It does make one pause for thought...which is more than any of "them" did....