Thursday, March 3

An Amazing Support Experience

I have used Apple products for most of my computing years, and have always liked how they work (except for the first one, back in the pre-Steve-Jobs-returns days. I joked that by the time the computer was finally working right, the only thing that hadn’t been replaced was the paint).

I had a problem feeding my Sirius satellite radio receiver’s sound output into my computer so I could listen with the computer’s speakers. I logged into Apple support's Express Lane and clicked a few buttons roughly describing the problem. I entered my email address and password. Up popped the three Apple products of mine that are still under warranty—a desktop, a laptop and my iPhone.

I clicked on the iMac I needed help with. Then I was faced with three ways to contact a support person. I clicked the Call Me Now button and in less than 30 seconds the phone rang and the support guy was right there! I hadn’t even given them my phone number!

What other company on earth offers such a quick seamless well-thought-out help system? No wonder we keep buying their stuff!

(By the way, the support guy was from the United States of America and spoke just like regular folks.)


Luke said...

And there stock prices continue to climb. Good company and good products, but I dont believe that he was in the US, that would just be too nice.

Tom Hurley said...

I figured he was in the US because in the background I could hear people coming in with orders they just picked up at In-N-Out Burger.