Tuesday, June 21

More fish stuff…

After losing a batch of goldfish to marauding raccoons awhile back, I was so shocked and stunned that I swore off fish forever.

Forever is so darned long to swear off of anything, so I agreed when Hilary suggested getting more of the delightful critters to liven up the waters. We had a piece of expanded metal left over from another project and I bent a piece of electrical conduit into a circle, welded everything together and painted it kind of Navy Ship Gray to remind me of my nautical years spent on the Enterprise.

The sun-battered funnel has a dual purpose: It reduces the splash that eventually would soak through the paint and rust the metal, and it cuts the noise of splashing water, allowing the fish to get some shut-eye so they’re not all grouchy in the morning which can really spoil your day when you’re seeking peace and serenity.

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Praying Horse said...

I fed your cyber fish. It took me about 15 tries before that green one finally ate something. It's not very fast.