Saturday, June 25

So THAT’s what all the croaking was about!

It seems that we heard croaking frogs all winter. Today I spotted some new life in the middle barrel of our fish fountain. Last year maybe two tadpoles came to life, but that’s all, and they disappeared soon after I first spotted them. This year there is more food for them since I don’t clean that part of the fountain anymore. There’s plenty of algae and who knows what else in there, along with (presumably) lots of invertebrate life. Somehow little pollywogs manage to grow into frogs in really grungy natural places, so maybe that’s what they need.

We’ve all heard Kermit the Frog complaining that “it’s not easy being green.” I figure it’s very green to not scrape and scoop up grungy crud from a slimy wooden barrel. So wrong, Kermie. Being green is the easiest.


Pete S. said...

Are the tadpoles at risk from the racoons?

Tom Hurley said...

Since I didn't have to pay 10¢ each for the tadpoles, they’re on their own.