Wednesday, June 8

Pencils need a major re-design

I ran across the stub of a pencil today. It was just about an inch long and for all practical purposes, useless. We have an electric pencil sharpener that we’ve used for about 30 years. Poke a pencil in and it’s made good to go. But when a pencil gets too short, you can only grip it with fingertips. What you end up with is only usable with fingertips.

I have a proposal: Eliminate the top one inch of all pencils. The manufacturer could save a ton of “lead” and a whole forest of trees if this simple action is adopted. Here is a picture of my proposed no-waste pencil.


Daffy said...

...brilliant; AND enough yellow pain saved to re-spray several school busses to a nice bright finish; thus potentially saving young lives. Has the nobel institute been informed??

Tom Hurley said...

I certainly hope so. It's about time my brilliance is recognized by some legitimate money-vending organizations. I could use the dough. It's certainly better than a bunch of accolades from people who have little more to do than read this dumb blog.