Saturday, July 18

Wow. Eleven whole days…

I just realized that I haven't posted anything for almost a week and a half. Sorry. I know some of you expect to see new stuff every couple of days or so. It's not that I've been especially busy, although I did have a raging toothache a couple of Fridays ago. Doesn't that always happen? The dentist goes home Friday afternoon so that's my cue to get a toothache. But after almost seventeen years of dealing with the same dentist and his great staff, I'm not likely to shop around for someone else.

I have done so much business with this one dentist in Mariposa that he actually gave me a free tooth. It was a central incisor the color of which he didn't agree since he had installed a cap on an adjacent tooth. "Please let me replace that one, Tom," he almost pleaded. Also, he and I were students in Merced learning how to fly an airplane several years ago. I was actually doing it for Hilary since she was being home schooled and I couldn't seem to get her interested in science. Learning to fly makes you use lots of math and a pretty good smidgen of science, and it worked for her really well. Out of a class of, what—fifteen students?—she got the top grade on the FAA exam. (Better than my grade for what that's worth.)

Today Karla and I will be hanging an outdoor shade for an east-facing window in "my" office/den. The morning sun comes blasting into the room now, and it's almost unoccupyable (is that a word?) for at least a couple of hours every morning. We will then be re-potting a bunch of plants we have on our covered deck on the south of the house, and sticking a bunch of drought-resistant agaves in the ground to the south. And more.

I promise to write more often. (Yeah, right!)


Susan said...

Good to see you posting whenever. Now I am wondering what colour your free tooth was or is.

Tom Hurley said...

I think the color could be described as "old."