Sunday, July 26

Not-so-nearby wildfire

There is a wildfire a few miles from our place, over between Bass Lake and North Fork. We get only two things from a fire that far away: smoke and overflying water-dropping planes. This morning we were alerted to the relatively new sound of a Boeing 727* jet aircraft with a red belly. It made a turn right near our house to line up with its drop zone, and I tried to get a picture of it. Having only my iPhone as a camera, I was thwarted from getting the aircraft’s tail number and couldn’t even see if the pilot was wearing his Foster Grants.

So, since the plane was so tiny in the overall picture, I am substituting another iPhone picture I took a little later. It’s Karla walking down the hill from the water tank at our old place. She was checking to see how full it was so we could figure how long to run the pump to fill it.

I’ll take looking at a picture of Karla over some ol’ airplane picture any day.

*My dentist corrected me today. He says it's a DC-10.

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Pete S. said...

Karla, you are looking GOOD!