Wednesday, July 1

Power bill: $9.81

Free power? Hah! Today I dumped almost nine whole gallons (34 liters) of distilled water into our 40 house-powering batteries. Good grief! It seems I have to do this at least twice a year! And we all thought solar power was free? Hah!


Avis said...

And those batteries cost...?? Not really asking, of course, but I always smile a little sadly when people comment on our "free" solar power!

Tom Hurley said...

Here in the boondocks, it costs a bundle to have the area's power utility bring electricity to your house site. We were given the quotation of (are you sitting down?) $70,000. Our system cost about half that.

Not to belabor the point, we owned a view lot in the Hollywood Hills back in the 1970s. To bring in a sewer connection to the Los Angeles system, we were asked for $325,000. We decided to pee alongside the road instead.

Pete S. said...

That is an impressive battery! And it's so clean!