Monday, August 17

Dead thud=full tank

Karla and I walked up to our water tanks a couple of days ago just to see how things are. I rapped on one of them, listening for the dead thud that indicates water level. Even though the solar-powered pump is controlled by a float switch in one of the tanks, it’s always good to see if things are working properly.

Yes, I'm wearing pants, however brief.

Depending on technology alone is a risky proposition. After all, things break all the time. If a wildfire happens to drop by in our little valley, it’s reassuring to hear the dead thud of a full water tank.

Even though we have only one 100-foot-long (30.5 m) firehose, it’s gratifying to shoot a stream of water almost that long when the tanks are full.

Of course the sheriff and firefighters could kick us out as the fire approaches. That’s why I keep a fresh pair of skivvies and my shaving kit in the car for that eventuality. Oh, and some slightly longer pants.

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