Monday, August 3

My shoe…broke?

I can’t recall ever breaking a shoe. Once I kinda messed up the toe on a canvas-and-rubber sport shoe with a chainsaw, and I knocked the heel off a leather boot when I snagged it in the slot of an airplane catapult when I served as a radar fixer on the USS Enterprise. But this was a whole new experience. I had just left the dental office in Mariposa, got in my car, and felt something funny as I buckled up. I looked down and saw the entire sole hanging on by the toe of my right shoe. Now that’s really weird.

I hadn’t encountered anything that would have ripped the sole off, so it must have been caused by just plain getting old (the shoe, not me). This was a good pair of shoes, something I bought online from L.L. Bean where I get lots of clothing and stuff. The brand, Clarks, has never failed me this way before. And these shoes were worn only when I shouldn’t look like a bum, or near-naked, my normal around-the-house look.

Oh well. I’ll send a picture to L.L. Bean and ask if they have a solution. Or I could use some KrazyGlue and hope for the best.


Susan said...

I wonder if the quality of shoe glue is declining? I recently got all the way to the top of a set of stairs into a plane that would take me to see my two gorgeous granddaughters, my daughter, mother and sister, when lo and behold the sole of my right show separated from its upper in a disturbing manner, deciding to get caught on the top step and almost pitch me into the arms of the startled flight attendant. I duck flapped down the aisle to my seat, then duck flapped through the airport to collect my luggage when we landed, finally duck flapping my way into a taxi to my daughter's house. My son-in-law took pity on me and supplied me with some shoe glue but the repair job didn't hold too well. I lashed out and bought a $5 pair of new shoes from Big W the next day. So far, no duck flapping has occured, but I remain vigilent.

Tom Hurley said...

Wow, Susan. At least my incident happened when nobody was around.

Susan said...

Yes, you were 'lucky'.