Sunday, August 22


Yesterday a couple of horses at the high ranch had some wound problems, one with a deep hole poked into his hip, and another with a stick that poked into her hoof, then broke off when removal was attempted. We needed a vet. Our friend Mike, one of the top vets in the whole West along with his assistant Gina, drove up to Florence Lake. They were ready to go across the lake on the ferry and ride in on horses when Richard showed up with his helicopter. He had been taking some of the ranch guests out to the lake. Mike had recently helped one of Richard’s horses, so Richard offered them a ride to the ranch. What the heck, why not? The ride took all of five minutes.

I had written to Hilary to get more data about the whole affair, and she responded, “For the record, one horse had a stick in her hoof and the other just had a nasty 6-inch deep poke in his hip. And also serendipitously when Mike gave the stick horse (Gypsy) a sedative and Luke touched the wound, the stick popped out! Herb had been fiddling with the wound for the past week, and all Luke had to do was look at it. Of course that happens when we fly the vet in.”

Meanwhile Herb was heading to the lake with horses for Mike and Gina. Would he return empty? No. The cook at the ranch wanted some help. A cook showed up at the lake. Would she like to ride a horse in to the ranch and help out? Yes! Herb had a rider to take back to the ranch.

I am not making this up.


karen nooney said...

Sounds like serendipity to me! Glad everything worked out - especially the stick!

ps. sorry to hear about King...brought a tear to my eye thinking he had worked his way back through the Ranch fields so he could pass amidst his family...

Praying Horse said...

Who had the gash?

Also, thanks for letting me know Pelton has found someone to keep him company.

HHhorses said...

Praying Horse—Roanie had the 6-inch gash, but it's healing beautifully (and I'm riding him almost every day, he's a great horse who didn't deserve to go to get chickened in Mexico!) and the foot problem was Gypsy's. She's still a little lame, but we think it will heal well in the end.