Saturday, February 26

The mystery of the rock on the road

Today I discovered a rock about the size of a small watermelon or a big un-husked coconut lying right in the middle (almost) of the road. There was no evidence of a trail leading to where it could have rolled from, and besides it couldn’t have rolled since it had moss on it.

Nearby was a possible source of rocks from which it may have originated, but again, no roll path. We had some very strong wind yesterday and the rock may have been picked up by the wind and carried to where it landed, not leaving any trail.

To give you an idea of the strength of the wind, here’s a picture of an entire cheap plastic lawn chair that had been completely toppled by it.


HHhorses said...

It's like Death Valley's Racetrack, only backwards.

Tom Hurley said...

I hadn’t thought of that—erasing a non-existent track would certainly explain it. Thank you!

Susan said...

So eerie....he he