Friday, April 1

No blog today

Why? Because it’s April fool’s day, and nobody would take it seriously. Here’s a really good trick to play on anybody who has a Macintosh computer: Hold down the Control, Option, Command keys and the numeral 8 all at once. It takes only a second, and your former friend will wonder what the heck happened. Undo the damage by using the same keyboard combination.

Bonus: Do it when they’re working in Photoshop!

No Macintosh? Go to the nearest Apple Store and try it out! Wear running shoes.


samantha said...

Hello Tom,

Sam here, Lukes little sister, I have been looking at your blog everyday and really enjoy it. However, I am very pregnant right now and when you don't write I miss one of my favorite passtimes. When are you going to return?



Tom Hurley said...

I’m back! Some days are just not full of bloggable material. If I made stuff up, it may look suspicious and I would alienate my loyal followers. By the way, a contest is coming up that you may be interested in entering.

Stay tuned!