Wednesday, May 18

It’s mid-May, fer cryin’ out loud!

The weather this year has been anomalous, to be sure. Here in the last week or so we have received about 1-1/2” of rain, a quarter inch of it just in the last hour over a 5-minute period.

Neighbor Bill came up with his tractor to help us dig out lots of 4" steel pipe fence posts that made up our old round corral.

First, give the post a nudge to loosen.

Then pluck it out of the ground and haul it to the heap.

Without the rain, it would have been a bit more work, but as you can see, we got a little too much rain!

I wouldn’t want to trim hooves in this muck!*

We have to prepare the ground for this weekend’s annual roundup where we give the horses their immunizations, trim their hooves, check their teeth and so on. There will probably be twenty or so people at the roundup, some doing the work, others doing the spectating and all eating our sumptuous barbecue. It’s always a good time for all.

Now we have a brand new iron/concrete pile!

*Actually, I wouldn’t want to trim hooves even on a thick plush wool carpet with soft music playing and a beautiful masseuse rubbing my back and feeding me canapes and fine wine.

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