Monday, May 23

Headin’ fer them high hills

Tomorrow we have some folks gettin’ up early and tearin’ outta here to Wishon to catch a ride to the ranch. The road over Kaiser Pass is bein’ plowed by the Edison Company as I write this, but they haven’t busted through yet. We can’t wait for that Company to piddle around settin’ up ground transportation, so we’re gonna fly in to get the ranch set up and to clear all the fallen trees from our own “road.”

Luke, his brother Michael, and Tim, who has worked for us for nigh on to forever will be loadin’ all their vittles and stuff onto Richard Ambrosini’s helicopter and makin’ a couple of trips from Wishon to the ranch. Why Wishon? ’Cause there’s no snow there. Normally we fly outta Huntington Lake (or better yet, the Ahwahnee ranch) but there’s still six feet of snow at China Peak Ski Resort, our usual takeoff point.

So how come I’m writin’ this blog with all the in’ instead of ing endin’s? Well, Saturday we had our spring roundup and messed around with at least 40 horses and 30 people who were either doin’ or watchin’ and that’s jest how I talk till I get outta the mood. Sorry, it’s jest the way thin’s are wit’ me. Live wid it.

Here’s a pitcher of Doctor Mike with his arm clear up the south end of a northbound horse (he’s wearin’ a really long glove). He’s pokin’ around with his ultrasound sensor to see if she’s preggers. She weren’t. Dang. Wasted money on a very expensive stud fee. It’s a lesson learned. Buy ’em when they’re on the hoof and you can see the whites of their eyes.


Daffy said...

BEING PLOWED!!; Hoo-rah; how much snow is on the ground at the ranch if there is 6' at China?? Does this mean the Guests WILL be in for the first session??...I gave it no hope at all!! anyway; exciting expedition; wish I was there...except for the cold snow; but no mosquitoes....yet. AND; is that Luke wearing TIE??

Tom Hurley said...

Luke looks like he's wearing a tie, but don't fool yourself—he's hanging his sunglasses from his buttoned-up shirt collar.

As for snow at the ranch, we're still waiting for the first call from Blayney. The crew should all be in there with their provisions since the helicopter was going to meet them at 9:30AM at Wishon.

When they all left here at 5:45AM, Hilary mentioned that she had her fancy-dancy camera and would bring home some pix when she returns with the truck.