Tuesday, May 24

Strange tracks…

Recently a California condor was spotted here in the valley, across the river from us at the old schoolhouse. When I saw the above tracks, I thought maybe they were caused by a condor, but they weren’t.

They were caused by Ben! His dad and mom left early this morning, leaving Ben with his grandparents, and you know how grandparents have a reputation for spoiling grandkids.

Like here, when Ben is accompanied by Sallie and Bella as he takes off and crawls a few hundred feet up the road by himself.

On the way he discovered many things, like rocks that have to be tasted. He decided the smooth ones were really good, but the rough ones were, well, yucky. Here he savors a smooth rock while the rough one in the other hand is getting ready to be tossed.

Later his grandparents gave him some really yummy food, like ice cream and cake and cookies and soda pop (kidding!!).

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