Wednesday, May 18

Record snow year calls for drastic measures

We just found out that the snow in the High Sierra this year is so deep they had to re-route the International Space Station in order to not smack into it. The real mission of the final launch of the Endeavor Space Shuttle, according to secret info we have access to, is to deliver a really big snow blower that will be attached to the front of the ISS to remove snow from its path so it can go back to its normal orbit. We’re hoping this will aid in opening the road over Kaiser Pass.

Get the truth on this blog—we’re not fooled by facts or reality.


Daffy said...

Hi Tom,
But seriously, folks... what IS the situation at Kaiser Pass?? it likely to be open mid June??...nobody needs that much snow...still; likely to get some great shots of florence spilling; if one can actually get there to photograph it....

Tom Hurley said...

The road is being plowed as I write. Expect to be able to get to the lake mid-week.