Tuesday, July 24

Fireplace arrives

Using his forklift, Randy picks up the fireplace.
Randy then pokes the fireplace through the big window in the "great room."
This morning a truck dropped off the 500-pound fireplace that goes in the main room. They also brought a smaller gas heater that will be in the bedroom (not shown). It got installed using a whole lot of large-diameter stainless steel chimney parts and has flexible pipes letting outside air in to the firebox and into the box’s surrounding shroud. The heat from the fire is then blown into the room at variable speeds, controlled by a handheld remote control.
Holes were cut through the fireplace's "room" prior to installing the many parts.
By three in the afternoon, the heating machine was in its space, all hooked up to its breathing apparatus.
The hand-hammered/wrought iron faceplate is still at the stove company’s office, wrapped up tightly and stored in a secure location. It cost a bunch and they don’t want things like drywall mud splashed on it or some piece of construction material falling against it and damaging it. So for now we get to look at the complexity of the fireplace’s innards.

In spite of its high-tech mass, it’s actually a simple wood-burner. Just with lots of electrical fanciness.


Pete S. said...

Does the stove have other remote feature in addition to fan speed? Can you adjust the damper remotely for example?

Tom Hurley said...

It's pretty much fan speed. We decided not to opt for the "change fuel" feature where at the touch of a button you could have pine, oak, or coal.