Wednesday, July 18

More on the house

They installed the Jacuzzi plumb, level, and square

Every day more work gets done on the house. Today I got to witness plumber stuff. Butch, the lead plumber, told me last week to buy and bring up the bathtub we wanted. I hadn’t realized that bathtubs get installed before the drywall goes on. Karla and I had eyed a nice Jacuzzi whirlpool tub at Lowe’s, so we decided to indulge in basic hedonistic self-indulgent sybaritic decadent immoderate bathing. What the hey—we only get one lifetime at a time on this goofy planet.

Here Butch installs the water feed for the fridge’s icemaker

One thing that surprised me is that many of the walls in the house get reinforced with plywood panels behind the drywall (sheet rock) surfaces. Apparently the house has to be strong enough that if it happened to be lifted off its foundation (unlikely since there are seventeen hurricane-proof deep anchors connected clear to the roof) and launched into low earth orbit then dropped back to earth, if it survives the heat of re-entry (very likely since it’s sheathed in fireproof materials and has an internal fire sprinkler system) it can impact the earth and only be dented a little at the impact point. Wow, we feel SO SAFE! Thank you, regulator/inspector/engineers! The old ways we’ve used for thousands of years to build houses were SO BAD! Government regulations will save us all from our sloth and ignorance, and enrich those who own and control the regulators.

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