Monday, July 30

Time to soak in the ambiance

The wall with the broom leaning against it would be terrific in glossy black.
Today Karla and I sat in plastic lawn chairs in the house and looked around at what we had wrought. A steady hot breeze blew in through the large empty window space in the “great” room, keeping us comfortable even though it was probably near a hundred degrees at four in the afternoon. We had spent quite awhile today and yesterday exploring our newly created space, wondering how we were going to finish it off. There is now a delay in construction due to the fact that our water pressure isn’t what we predicted so the fire sprinkler system has to be re-engineered. The engineers who do that are notoriously slow in coming up with solutions. Everything is on hold.

Additional roofing parts had to be ordered and since they are custom-made, even the finished roof is on hold.

Our stucco guy told us to check out a job he had done on the Big 5 sporting goods store in Oakhurst to see the quality of his work. We stopped by the store this afternoon and were extremely pleased by the beauty. It looks like the walls are carved from sandstone. I even want some of that INSIDE the house! In our house, from the south end of the great room looking north there are a couple of walls that are monumental. They can’t simply be covered in wallboard and painted white. One of them demands to be made to look like the black monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey that was approached by the awestruck apes near the beginning of the film. Reminiscent of its shape and size, it demands to be black.

"Without these ladders, I could fit a whole grand piano in here."
The wall that has the entry doors to Karla’s piano room is just like something you’d expect to see on a tour of Aztec grandeur. Done in sandstone it would be indistinguishable.

This whole experience is really, really delicious.

I feel sorry for people who don’t turn their house’s quirky assets into magnificent fake stuff.

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Susan said...

It's really looking good. I will anticipate photos of any magnificent fake stuff :)