Sunday, July 22

Journey’s end (if you’re a wimp) and the solution (if you’re a rebel)

In Madera County north of Fresno there is a pedestrian-unfriendly intersection. It’s where State Route 41 crosses State Route 145. If you’re a law-abiding citizen on foot, your journey ends here. I am not kidding; all four corners have “Do not cross” signs.

To be legal, you’ll have to thumb a ride with a willing motorist to cross either road. Or go back to where you came from and complain to your state representative. Or—my favorite solution—charge across the road on foot, even against the red light! Jumping up and down even! Scofflaw! Rebel! Freedom fighter! Libertarian! My kinda gal/guy! Make a movie of your flagrant violation with your cell phone and post it to YouTube! Wow! This could be the start of something big!

Don’t forget where you heard about this terrific idea.

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