Tuesday, June 9

Just thought you'd like to know

Yesterday I went to my dentist in Mariposa to get the permanent cap on my newly-repaired upper left lateral incisor (look it up; I don’t have a picture). It was a fittingly simple procedure compared to the whole root-canal thing (just shy of $1,000) and the sculpting of a tooth and the temporary cap (another grand!). Holy cow. Teeth get really expensive.

Anyhow, the whole reason for this blog entry is to report on the fuel mileage I’m getting from the Plug-In Prius. I can go quite a distance on stored-up battery power before the engine kicks on, and I nursed it to reach a point I’ve tried to get to on previous trips. Remember, this is an almost-hour-long trip, and only a bit of it is on level ground; it’s all mountains. When I parked the car at the dentist’s office, I checked the mileage.

98 MPG! (42 km/l) I should get a medal.

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