Tuesday, June 16

Lose it and you die?

Yesterday Karla and I dropped by our doctor’s office to buy some more nutritional stuff, mostly vitamins, and decided to get a vitamin B-12 shot. We would like to get one every week since they make us feel like we've shed maybe two decades off our age, but we don’t always have the time (or the money — $50 for the two of us). But when we do it, we are amply rewarded by renewed vigor, stamina, overall well-being, youthfulness, brilliance and holiness. I guess that’s worth fifty bucks after all.

While we sat in the little room waiting for the nurse to come in with the needles, Karla read the poster shown here and said, “You know, you could take that headline two ways, no?”

Yes you could. Does your life depend on weight? Lose it and you die? Probably not. We are always twisting meanings around for amusement. I nearly always comment on the little signs along highways that appear after we’ve driven through a construction zone. They say “END ROAD WORK” to which I say “Dang right. I’m tired of road work!”


Avis said...

Needles?!?!!?? Can't you just take pills for that??

Tom Hurley said...

Not only do we use a needle shot, our doctor's syringes are filled with vitamin B-12 that's four times more powerful than standard doctors' stuff. He's not messing around, and we fly out of his office instead of walking. To get the same effect, we would probably have to eat an entire bottle of pills. Yuck.

Pete S. said...

I once read that pilots in WWII were given "vitamin B" shots to help them keep going on long missions. It turned out that the shots were amphetamines. That deception was the origin of the myth that vitamin B shots gave you pep.

And now you're telling me it's not a myth, and that vitamin B shots actually DO make you peppy?

I guess you have to take things you read with a grain of salt (whatever means).

Tom Hurley said...

Pete: It's almost hard to get to sleep after the B-12 shot, so I guess they're legit. We should get them weekly so we can behave strongly. (Heh, heh)