Tuesday, June 23

Who needs these tags?

Yesterday we bought four new washcloths and face towels. Nice price at Costco, and very good quality. One thing I don’t like about the towels though—the stupid tags.

Tags are stiff no matter how many times you wash them. They’re too big also, about the size of a matchbook, and thick because they’re folded over. Everything you don’t want to know about a washcloth is outlined on the back of the tag, like—

Wash before use. Duh. I always wash before use.
Machine wash warm, normal cycle. Good grief, who doesn’t know that?
Tumble dry low. Of course!
Use detergent without optical brightening agents. So what’s my recourse? Use aural brightening agents?
Avoid fabric softeners. I like the rough feeling of a towel and a washcloth anyway.
Wash dark colors separately. Hey, people, these things are white!
Do not bleach. What?—and leave them dingy-looking?
And finally, Do not dry clean. Oh sure—like I’m going to take these in with my tuxedoes and gowns? And all those instructions are in three languages!

I’m sure they could have included more caveats, like Do not eat, Do not toss out of the car if on fire, Do not try to bring to life using magic incantations unless you are really really lonely.

Oh well, I carefully clipped the tags off as close as I could without cutting the fabric. I halfways hope I can find a use for them.


Avis said...

Careful! "Cut tags may be sharp!"

Pete S. said...

The tags on my wash cloths have been bugging me for a long time. But for some reason I never thought of cutting them off. Thanks for the idea, Tom!

And thanks to Avis' warning I avoided being cut by the sharp edges of of the cut tags.