Sunday, June 28

Thanks, guys

Karla is brushing Little Bear’s tail. She already did Mick’s, and will finish off by giving both horses a complete brush-down. This happens every morning, usually around sunrise before it starts getting hot.

These two horses are staying on our 40 acres, while another six or so are up the hill on the 525 acres foraging for themselves on this year’s abundant wild grasses and forbs. (Ooh—forbs. betcha didn’t know that term, eh? Stick around and you just may learn a thing or two.)

All the rest of the horses are in the high country where the grasses are still green on the meadows. These two horses are being given their time off for good behavior. They hauled lots of gear and guests at the Muir Trail Ranch during their careers, and deserve the very best care and loving attention to their needs till they pass away. We treat all our horses and mules that way—it’s only fair.

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