Wednesday, March 16

Two hundred and thirty-eight spuds. You sure that’s enough?

Karla had four big kettles going all at once for about four hours and churned out a whole mess of potatoes for the salad she’s making for a wedding feast this coming weekend.

 A dozen-dozen eggs, two gallons of mayonnaise, a gallon of dill pickles, three kinds of onions, eight big bunches of celery and who knows how much chopping of everything and stirring it into a great big mass. Then poof! Potato salad for a couple of hundred people magically emerges.

Piece of cake.


David Rogers said...

WTG U 2 !

Agneta and David said...

Oh Boy... I could not even count that high! I'd run out of fingers after ten:-)

Susan said...

And here i was thinking that chopping the six carrots and an onion for Carrot Soup today made me amazing. Wow, Karla! YOU are by far more amazing than I!

Avis Durgan said...

Even with the details, I cannot imagine what that must be like! Love the picture of Karla and the kitchen and I completely agree with Susan that more pictures would be wonderful. Your places are so artistic and inventive!
Tom, could you share with us some detail of how your naturopath doctor dealt with the mini seizures?