Sunday, March 29

Cannibalistic stone

Conglomerate, in a geological sense, is rock made of cemented-together pieces of rock. It’s metamorphic. It’s also cannibalistic as shown here in Mosaic Canyon, Death Valley. The conglomerate is slowly devouring the other metamorphic rock, marble. Marble is the crystalline metamorphic form of limestone, and must be very tasty. Only I could hear the infrasonic slurping; the ears of the other people with me are still good at hearing high frequencies, but not yet ossified to the low-rumble-detecting extent I possess.

Earth is still undergoing changes. In a few million years, nothing we now know will be the same. After all the rocks eat all the other rocks and finally digest them, I wonder what will remain. I wonder if earth will pass gas, or simply belch. It would be neat to see and hear the final outcome.


Hhhorses said...

What a weird picture! I don't remember seeing that.

Tom Hurley said...

You were probably busy looking for fossilized horses.